Red Kazim's Treasure

It is the year 23 AU and for many months rumours had been circulating the taverns and inns of Crydee’s waterfront. Famed explorer Captain Andre had found a map to Kel Ophir, the legendary lost Dwarven city.
The stories changed from telling to telling. Some say he had found it at the bottom of the ocean itself, some in a land far far away and others claim he had been given it at birth by the god of the sea himself. But regardless of the story everyone agreed Kel Ophir would be filled with treasures without number.
Over these months captains begin preparing crews to set out and find Kel Ophir while the map moves from hand to hand in the underbelly of Crydee.
The sounds of creaking wood and the soft lapping of waves catch your ears as you assemble in the captain’s quarters aboard the Antecedent Fortune.

The Crew of the 'Antecedent Fortune':

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