The Land of Tezca

Far across the Sea of Storm a land exists that few have ever visited. Tezca is a land of jungles and mountains, of oceans and wilderness. Few have made the journey and almost none have returned who have.

The Yukitan Empire

The Yukitan Empire is the first port of call for travellers arriving in Tezca. It's Prince Hector rules the peaceful lands. Worship of a pantheon of gods is common, with particular focus on Sadoria the goddess of Knowledge.

The capital of the Yukitan Empire is the Port of Lepas. Set on the Sirena river it is a trading hub and it is not uncommon to see boats from across Tezca in her ports. Stone and wood buildings sit on the hills and mountains surrounding the river mouth.

The Aroyo

A strange people from an unknown location, the Aroyo have been attacking the people of the Yukitan Empire from within the Ozarks, the jungles that border Lepas.

The Thrones of Power

Within the realms of the Gods there are thrones for those that rule each land. The longest serving is Mattar the Dread, lord of death. Depicted as a skeletal man in black robes he lives in balance with Vidall, the mistress of life and light. She is a healer where he represents only the slow passage of time. Also opposed to Matter is Selvage the mistress of nature. She holds massive banquets and convinces the wealthy to live decadently. Also holding a throne is Lathau the trickster, a deceiver who leads men away from the holy path. Some sailors call upon the power of Chuvar the Tempest to bring fair winds, but live in fear of the Den'rabi that she sends to punish those who offend her. Chuvar is the god of all natural disasters and has brought hundreds of hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions to destroy any who question her. She is depicted as a beautiful woman in blue robes with white tattoos across her body. The holder of the throne of War is a beast of a woman, nearly ten feet tall in full plate armour. Although her name is lost to the ages her fearsome greatsword is a whispered myth by those who seek out bloodshed.

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