Str Dex Con Int Per Cha
16 [+3] 20 [+5] 16 [+3] 12 [+1] 16 [+3] 5 [-3]

Wood Elf, Immortal, Monk [Kensai- 10]

HP: 67
Movement: 60ft
Saving Throws: Dexterity, Intelligence
AC: 18 [10+Dex+Wis]

Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, History, Insight, Perception
Tools: Caligrapher’s Tools, Leatherworker’s Tools
Languages: Common, Elvish, Gnomish
Weapons: Simple weapons, Longsword, Shortsword, Shortbow, Longbow, Spears, +2 other Martial


  • Curse
  • A Name for Yourself: Either because you have passed into legend or because you masquerade as the next member of your family line, many people recognise your name. By invoking your name you are able to secure an audience with local noble, or influence others to believe you will act in accordance with your reputation. Additionally, you are likely to have deeply ingrained working relationships with at least one organisation in the world.
  • Elven Senses: Dark Vision. Perception trained.
  • Fey Ancestor: Advantage against getting charmed, immune to being put to sleep by magic.
  • Mask of the Wild: May attempt to hide if lightly obscured.
  • Martial Arts: Use Dex on unarmed attacks. Unarmed attacks do D6 damage. Attacks count as magical.
  • Deflect Missiles: Use Reaction to reduce a ranged weapon attack damage by D10+Dex+Monk Level. If it is reduced to 0, spend 1 Ki point to send weapon back (counts as monk weapon).
  • KI: [DC 8+Prof+Wis] 10 points
    • Flurry of Blows: Attack unarmed twice as a bonus action
    • Patient Defense: Dodge as a bonus action.
    • Step of the Wind: Disengage or Dash as a bonus action. Double jump distance.
    • Stunning Strike: Enemy must pass Con save or be stunned for 1 round.
  • Unarmoured Movement: +10ft Movement. Count walls and liquids as solid for the sake of movement.
  • Slowfall: Use a reaction to reduce fall damage by 5x Monk Level.
  • Stillness of Mind: End an effect that is causing you to be frightened or charmed as a reaction.
  • Purity of Body: Immune to Disease and Poison.
  • Evasion: Take no damage from a passed Dex save, ½ damage from failed.
  • Kensai: Gain 3x Martial Weapon Proficiencies. Attack with them on Dex. If you do an unarmed Bonus attack after attacking with the weapon gain +2 AC. Attacks count as magical. Pick a target as a Bonus Action and get 2x Proficiency to attack them on your next attack.
  • Extra Attack: Attack twice as an Action.
  • Spear Master: +1 to hit with spears. D8 damage one handed, D10 two handed. Can set your spear to resist a charge. As a bonus action increase reach by 5ft.
  • Black Heart: eat sentient heart raw can use 1 hit dice to heal 2xdice+2xcon Requires two actions or one action if dagger or shortsword and free hand. size categories above medium increase healing (large is 4dice+4con)
  • Vampirism: Str, Dex and Con become 18 16 (if not already higher).
    • Unarmed attacks become D8+Dex.
    • Bite target must be grappled (by vamp), incap, willing or restrained D6+5 and D6 necrotic target hp max is reduced and player is healed equal to necrotic damage. If hp max is reduced to 0 they become a zombie.
    • Charm
    • Resist: Non-magical weapons, necrotic damage.
    • Spider Climb
    • Regeneration: Regain 10HP as long as you haven't taken radiant damage or are not in sunlight this turn.
    • Forbiddance: Need to be invited into houses.
    • Sunlight sensitivity: Disadvantage on everything when in direct sunlight (not on saves though).
    • Running Water: Running water makes you uncomfortable.


  • +1 Spear
  • Magic Boots (+5ft movement; +1 to hit and damage when kicking)
  • Shortsword
  • Clothes (out of fashion)
  • Signet Ring
  • Explorer’s Pack
  • 10x Darts
  • 20gp

P1: My long life has not limited my ability to love and enjoy myself.
P2: I am wary of becoming attached to mortals because I know long after they pass on I will be here.
Ideal: Tradition (stories/legends/songs never forgotten) [Neutral]
Bond: I seek mortality.
Flaw: I live in my past. My sorrows, glories and achievements.

From Elvandar ages ago. Back when Blood Elves hunted the primitive humans for sport. Did some weird ritual for immortality then realised after hundred years that he didn’t like it. Went East looking for a solution to his immortality- been there since unification. Came back to find DAN in the hope his immortality curse can be lifted.

Perfectly in balance with nature and intense about improving his skills.
Likes to party but doesn’t get connected to people (they die).

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