Mountain Dwarf, Clan Crafter, Artificer [4- Gunsmith] Cleric [2- Forge Domain]

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
13 [+1] 16 [+3] 14 [+2] 16 [+3] 16 [+3] 13 [+1]

HP: 36 (5xD8+Con [2])
Speed: 25ft
Saving Throws: Constitution, Intelligence, Dexterity
AC: 18 (14 [Scale] + 2 [Dex] + 2 [Bracer of Protection])


  • Dwarven Training: Gain Light and Medium armour trained. Gain proficiency in the battle axe, hand axe, throwing hammer and Warhammer.
  • Dwarven Senses: Dark vision.
  • Dwarven Resistance: Resist Poison and gain advantage on tests against poison.
  • Stone Cunning: Whenever testing to know the history of stonework you have double Proficiency in the History skill.

Feats and Features

  • Respect of the Stout Folk: As well respected as clan crafters are among outsiders, no one esteems them quite so highly as dwarves do. You always have free room and board in any place where dwarves dwell, and the individuals in such a settlement might vie among themselves to determine who can offer you (and possibly your compatriots) the finest accommodations and assistance.
  • Artificer [Gunsmith]
    • Magic Item Analysis: Cast Detect Magic and Identify as Rituals.
    • Ignus Cannon: You are armed with a deadly weapon of your own invention. If it is destroyed you can remake it.
      • Flame Ammunition: Add D6 fire damage. Increases at higher levels.
    • Arcane Magazine: Contains everything you need to maintain your Thunder Cannon. Can hold 40 shot. At each Short Rest you may regain 10 shot and at each Long Rest you may regain 40 shot.
    • Tool Expertise: Gain double proficiency in Thieves Tools, Tinkerer's Tools and Smith's Tools.
    • Wondrous Invention: 2 [Sending Stones]
    • Infuse Magic: Casting time 1 minute. Imbue a magical spell into an item to be triggered at a later date. Expend a spell slot when creating the item. Activate the spell as an action. Lasts for 8 hours. Can infuse magic up to Intelligence bonus of times (3).
  • Cleric [Forge Domain]
    • Spellcasting: Spells known equals Wisdom Modifier [3] + Cleric Level [2].
    • Blessing of the Forge: At the end of each long rest add +1 to a single item.
    • Channel Divinity: Once per Short Rest.
      • Turn Undead: 30ft. Wisdom saving throw or turned for 1 minute.
      • Artisan's Blessing: Create items out of raw ingredients during a short rest.
  • Resilient: [Feat] +1 Dex, Prof in Dex saving throws

Proficiencies [+3]
Weapons: Simple Weapons, Battle Axe and Warhammer.
Armour: Light, Medium, Heavy and Shields.
Tools: Thieves Tools [x2], Tinker’s Tools [x2], Smith’s Tools [x2], Leatherworker’s Tools, Mason’s Tools, Jeweller’s Tools
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Primordial.
Skills: Arcana, History, Insight, Investigation, Sleight of Hand.


  • Ignus Cannon: A brass and iron weapon meticulously crafted over many years. At its heart sits a gem from the realm of fire itself.
    • 150/500; +1 to hit; 2D6+1+Dex; Piercing; Reload as Bonus Action; +D6 Fire damage.
  • Sending Stones: Marked with the sigil of Borgraf, the dwarven God of Diplomacy, these rune stones were used in ages past to communicate between dwarven holds regardless of distance.
    • May use the Sending spell once per day.
    • One sending stone with the Fire-Djinn.
  • Brace of Protection: A strange bronze arm brace imbedded with a clear gem that seem to protect the wearer from attacks.
    • +2 AC. May activate for Heat Metal effect.
  • Traveller’s clothes
  • Scale Mail (14 + Dex [Max 2])
  • Smith's Satchel
    • Thieves Tools, Light Hammer, Tinker’s Tools, Maker’s mark, Jeweller's Tools, Smith's Tools
  • Rune Hammer: A simple steel hammer lined with silver. Marked with dwarven runes of forging it is able to channel the runic magic of an artificer and the holy power of Moradin, The Forgefather.
    • Artificer Casting Focus, Holy Symbol
  • Gem Pouch
    • Ruby [10gp]
    • Assorted Gems worth 500gp
  • Waterproof Scroll Case
    • Scroll of Prestiditation [DC10] (Make small magical effects for an hour)
    • Scroll of Barkskin [DC12] (AC changes to 16 for one hour)
    • Scroll of Eyebite [DC16] (Sickened, Panicked or Asleep)
  • Potion Case
    • Potion of Health (Short Rest counts as Long Rest)
    • Potion of Health (Short Rest counts as Long Rest)
    • Potion of Animal Friendship (Advantage for Duration)
    • 5x Alchemist's Fire
    • Flask of Fey Goblin blood
  • Artificer's Satchel
    • Single red dragon scale.
    • Misc half built inventions from Fletcher's workshop.
    • Half constructed Alchemist's Flask
    • Necklace of Fireballs (4 charges)
  • Backpack
    • Blanket, Bedroll, 10x pitons, mess kit, crowbar, hammer, tinderbox, 2x rations, waterskin, 50ft of rope.
    • Fletcher's Research Notebook, Fletcher's Spellbook

Platinum 0
Gold 3
Silver 3
Copper 4

Half owner of a horse named Amethyst and a rickety old cart.

  • Winter Court full plate armour in the middle of being converted.

Party Loot:

  • 6 cold arrows,
  • 9 arrows with green flecked heads
  • +1 shortbow

Rune Magic

Combined Caster Level 4 (Cleric [2] + Artificer [4x 1/2]

Spellcasting Ability Score: 14 (8 + Stat [3] + Prof [3])
Artificer Spells Known: 4
Cleric Spells Known: 4
Spell Slots: 1st 4 2nd 3


  • Identify A
  • Detect Magic A
  • Ceremony C
  • Rune of Good Health C
    • Detect Poison and Disease
    • Can be cast normally


  • Mending A
  • Guidance C
  • Light C
  • Thurmaturgy C

1st Level

  • Rune of Speed A
    • Expeditious Retreat
  • Rune of Protection A
    • Armour of Faith
  • Rune of Detection A
    • Alarm
  • Rune of Healing A
    • Cure Wounds
  • Rune of Water C
    • Destroy or Create Water.
  • Rune of Augury C
    • Detect Evil or Good
  • Rune of Purity C
    • Purify Food and Water
  • Rune of Warding C*
    • Shield
  • Rune of Fire C*
    • Searing Smite

P1: I’m well known for my work and am taken aback when people haven’t heard of me.
P2: I believe if anything is worth doing it’s worth doing right.
Ideal: My talents were given to me so that I could benefit the world (Good).
Bond: One day I will return to the guild and prove myself to them.
Flaw: I’ll do anything to get my hands on something rare or priceless.

  • Born a Gold Dwarf, the craftsman class, in the Dwarven Keep of Mirabar. Well regarded weapon smith and tinkerer who even apprenticed beneath the legendary Bronze Dwarf, an Azer Smith. Was raised in the duel worship of Morodan, the God of Creation, and Dugmaron the God of Invention and Research.
  • Came to own his own weapon smithing company and was part of a project to create repeating crossbows, considered by many of the conservative dwarves to be ridiculous and unholy. The Church of Morodan, Dwarven Ancestor God of Creation, strongly opposed the project. After an unfortunate incident with a wand of fireball, Snorri was cast out by the followers of Morodan and his project was shut down.
  • He worked alone for a while and travelled the Dessarin valley as part of a convoy from Mirabar. There, in an abandoned dwarven ruin, he found a strange red crystal that glowed with internal fire. Experimenting with the power of the fire-stone Snorri soon invented his patented Ignus Cannon.
  • A few years later he heard of a human Artificer, Cruril Fletcher, who had been cast out of the human College of Mages in Leor for his obsessions with the creation of Golems. Learning that Cruril was spotted near the strange new village north-east of Yartar Snorri joined a convoy to search for him, eager to learn from the greatest mortal Artificer in living memory.

Level Up

Level 7 (Level 5 Artificer)

+D8+2 HP

Superior Attunement: Attune more items (ask Conor)
Wondrous Invention: alchemy jug, helm of comprehending languages, lantern of revealing, ring of swimming, robe of useful items, rope of climbing, wand of magic detection, wand of secrets

+D6 fire damage on gun

+1/2 Spell Level

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