19 [+4] 18 [+4] 14 [+2] 8 [-1] 10 [+0] 8 [-1]


  • Level 8 Brawlmaster

Thrope [Half-Orc], Barbarian [5], Fighter [3], Outlander
True Neutral, ft: heavily scarred, hulking physique, cat-like features [6ft, 100kg], brown fur, scaly heart brand. Unknown origin.

  • Rumour suggests that Punchcat is some sort of dimension-hopping amnesiac conqueror. He has appeared frequently across a variety of realities, remembering nothing of his past but following the same pattern of disruptive and seemingly random behaviour.
  • After the subjugating the dragon-infested land of Skyrim, he is known to have hunted daemons in the tunnels of Daggersea, triggered a war against hydrogoblins in southern Eladria, and became the apex predator of a forested region in Farcoast. He has never died or been defeated as far as records show, but rather loses interest in local affairs and vanishes into the obscurity of forest or mountains.
  • His appearances have always been accompanied by magical disturbances or the outbreak of minor wars, leading some to speculate that he is the chosen earthly form of a particularly unstable spirit or chaotic deity.

Killer of Klarg, Breaker of Bruegor, Vanquisher of the Blackheart Demon
Undefeated (Disqualified) Crydee Spring Combat Tourney
Alpha of the Green Heart, Ruler of The Woods
Freed from a cage during dwarf raid on Orcs. Informally adopted by the dwarves. Displayed great aptitude for punching and hunting. Became a familiar sight ranging the lands of the Sword Coast, which he sees as his territory. Friend to frequent travellers like Stevie. Occasionally fights alongside Barrett & town guard against bandits etc.

  • Personality: PUNCHCAT is territorial, protective of his pack and lands. PUNCHCAT was literally raised by wild animals.
  • Ideal: PUNCHCAT must earn glory in the eyes of the Spirits, on the battlefield and in the hunt.
  • Bond: PUNCHCAT is the only known member of his race. It is up to him to ensure his deeds live on in legend.
  • Flaw: PUNCHCAT is volatile, distractible and indifferent to details.
  • Speed: 40
  • HP: 91 (5x D12, 3x D10), AC19
  • Level Proficiency: +3 [Level 8 Multiclass Brawlmaster]. 36,271
  • Saving Throws: STR, CON
  • Darksight: 60ft
  • Beast's Endurance: When reaching 0 HP, drop instead to 1HP. Long rest to reset.
  • Brutal Attack: When scoring a melee critical, add +1x weapon damage.
  • Extra Attack Attack twice with Attack Action
  • Unarmoured Defence: No armour = 10+Con+Dex AC
  • Wanderer: Excellent recall for maps, layout of geography and terrain. Can find food, water for up to 6 people per day.
  • Reckless Attack Gain Advantage on all melee attacks in exchange for Disadvantage against all attacks [1 round].
  • Danger Sense Gain Advantage vs Dex checks for visible effects, i.e. traps, spells. Lost if blind, deaf, or incapacitated.
  • Storm-Lion Totem Rage damage resistance counts against all damage except psychic.
  • Lion's Movement Gain 10 extra feet of movement.
  • Two Weapon Fighting Style Add STR to offhand attack damage.
  • Two Weapon Wielding; When making melee attacks, use a bonus action to attack further with your offhand.
  • 2nd Wind: Use a bonus action to regain d10+[Fighter level 3] HP. Once per short rest.
  • Action Surge: Take one additional Action per short rest.
  • Thunderbelly Brawling: 4d8 per short rest. Save: 8+Prof+Str [15]
    • Block: Expend reaction to reduce Dam by (Dex+SD).
    • Counter-Punch: Expend reaction to attack (+SD Dam) when missed by an attack.
    • Headbutt: Add SD to Dam. Failed STR [DC 15] knocks down < Large targets.
  • Rage: [3] Enter or exit Rage as a bonus action. You cannot cast spells while Raging. You cannot choose to leave targets alive while raging. Rage lasts one minute, and ends if you are struck unconscious, if you haven't attacked a hostile target, or been damaged since last turn. If you are not wearing heavy armour, gain: Advantage on STR Checks and STR saving throws; Barbarian Rage Bonus to melee attacks. Resistance to damage.
Totem Rituals Mechanics Effects
Beast Sense Ritual: 1 action; Touch; Component S; 1 Hour Use your actions to see through the eyes, hear through the ears etc. of a beast, including special senses. You are blinded/deafened to your own surroundings while maintaining.
Speak to Animals Ritual: 1 action, Self; Component V,S; 10mins Comprehend and verbally communicate with animals. The interaction is limited by the animal's intelligence etc, but at minimum can provide info on nearby locations, monsters, other phenomena they regularly encounter. You may be able to persuade some beasts to do a small favour at DM's discretion.
Rift Roar Ritual: 1 action, V,S; 1 jump During his time in Suran, Punchcat came into possession of a portal to the Bloodhills. Portal can be activated once per long rest and is done by roaring at it


  • Weapon Proficiency: Simple Weapons, Military Weapons
  • Armour Proficiency: Light, Medium, Shields
  • Tool Proficiency: Smith's tools, Brewer's tools
  • Speak: Common, Orcish, Dwarvish
  • Skills: Intimidate, Athletics, Survival, Perception, Nature


  • Dragonhoard Gauntlets [+8/5+d6/7+d6] (+1 to hit; D6+1, bludgeoning, Light; Ranged attack: D4 hits D4P damage, range 20ft)
    • Reality Anchor: Advantage to tests to resist displacing effects.
    • [Attune]
  • Wolfskin coat [Advantage against cold weather]
  • Reinforced Spikey Half-Plate: 15 AC + Dex (Max 2) [+1]. Disadvantage on stealth.
  • Ring of Protection [+1AC]
    • [Attune]
  • Belt of Monster Health: Wide brown belt with a ruby inlaid buckle. [Daily] Activated as a move action. Heals 10+d10 HP.
  • Troll-leather travelling attire, boots, pouch.
  • Fine Holy Icon of the Storm-Lion.
  • Stone dragon-coin amulet, Dragon's talon trinket, Cheeseburger keepsake, Bugbear Chief skull, Orc Chief skull, Troll-trophy, Garool Commander skull, Shield Guardian Amulet, Obsidian Demon trophy.
  • Explorer's pack [Backpack, Prybar, 8 torches, tinderbox, 16x rations, aleskin [empty], 50ft rope, 4x pitons, 4x Iron Nails, chalk, bedroll, mess kit, 7x thieves tools, Mining tools, Shield Guardian Metal]
  • Potion of Healing, Vial of Acid,
  • 79p, 1550g, 6e, 2188s, 210c

Mounts & Minions:

the Riding Horse
AC10, HP:13 Speed:60
Trample: +2, 2d4+2
16 [+3] 10 [+0] 12 [+1] 2 [-4] 11 [+0] 7 [-2]

the baby Displacer
A pet.

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