Navigator, Sea Elf, Druid [Circle of Dreams- 8]

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
8 [-1] 16 [+3] 13 [+1] 15 [+2] 22 [+6] 13 [+1]

Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Experience: Level 8
Wounds: 64 [8 + Con at first, 5 + Con thereafter]
Saving Throws: Wis and Int
AC: 14 (11 leather + 3 dex)
Passive Perception: 16 (10 + Wis + Per)
Movement: 30ft
Spell Save DC: 19 (8 + Wis + Prof + 1)
Spell Attack Modifier: +11 (Wis + Prof + 1)

Proficiencies: [+3]
Weapons: Longbows, shortbows, longswords, shortswords, clubs, daggers, darts, javelins, maces, quarterstaffs, scimitars, sickles, slings, spears.
Tools: Vehicles (Water), Herbalism Kit, Navigator's Tools, Cartographer's Tools.
Armour: Light Armour, Medium Armour, Shields (excluding metal)
Skills: Perception (Wis), Athletics (Str), Arcana (Int), Nature (Wis)
Languages: Common, Elvish

Feats and Abilities:

  • Darkvision:
    • 60ft vision. Dim light = bright. Darkness = dim light.
  • Keen senses:
    • Proficiency in perception
  • Fey Ancestry:
    • Advantage of saving throws against being charmed, can’t be magically put to sleep
  • Druid [Circle of Dreams]
    • Balm of the Summer Court:
      • Pool of fey energy (number of d6 equal to druid level). Bonus action, choose ally within 120 ft. Use a number of dice from the pool equal to or less than current druid level. Target regains that amount of HP, plus a bonus temp HP for each dice used, plus 5ft of movement for each dice used (for 1 minute).
    • Hearth of Moonlight and Shadow:
      • Can ward campsite from intruders. Creates a rest area within a 30ft radius. Allies gain a +5 bonus to Wisdom (Perception) checks to detect creatures. Any light is also not visible from the outside area.
  • Stone of Insight:
    • +2 Wisdom (may go above 20). Removed upon death.


  • Staff of the Feywild
    • +1 Druidic Casting Focus.
  • Sea Elven Maps
    • Advantage to Seaborne navigation checks.
  • Cartographer's Tools
  • Blank Stone Sheets
  • 10 x 3000gp gems

Platinum 0
Gold 100
Silver 0
Copper 0



  • Shape Water
  • Gust
  • Shillelagh

Level 1: 4/4

  • Create or Destroy Water
  • Healing Word
  • Longstrider

Level 2: 3/3

  • Heat Metal
  • Hold Person
  • Pass Without Trace

Level 3: 3/3

  • Water Breathing (ritual)
  • Dispel Magic
  • Tidal Wave

Level 4: 3/3

  • Control Water
  • Watery Sphere
  • Freedom of Movement

Level 5: 1/1

  • Reincarnate
  • Greater Cure Wounds
  • Maelstrom


Personality 1:
Personality 2:

With only a pocket full of gems Pelran purchases land outside of Crydee. Here he sets up a manor house and a dock, selling his maps for navigators from across the lands. Fearing to set foot on a ship again, Pelran gathers talented navigators to his side and begins to run a profitable business selling pilots and navigators to trade ships up and down the far and scimitar coasts.
After the sinking of the Sea Elven isles Pelran gathered Sea Elves to his organisation and soon all the best ships in the Western Kingdom had Elven navigators under Pelran's employ.

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