Human (Variant), Sorcerer (Stone Magic)[5], Soldier (Cavalry)

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
18 [+4] 15 [+2] 18 [+4] 13 [+1] 14 [+2] 15 [+2]

Speed: 30ft
Size: Medium
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180lbs
Age: 24
Wounds: 46
AC: 19 (with Stoneskin)

Armour: Shields
Weapons: Simple, Martial
Skills: Animal Handling, Persuasion, Insight, Athletics, Intimidation
Tools: Cards, Vehicles (Land)
Languages: Common, Elven
Saving Throws: Constitution, Charisma


  • Metamagic:
    • Distant Spell: When you cast a spell that has a range of 5 feet or greater, you can spend 1 sorcery point to double the range of the spell. When you cast a spell that has a range of touch, you can spend 1 sorcery point to make the range of the spell 30 feet.
    • Empowered Spell: When you roll damage for a spell, you can spend 1 sorcery point to reroll a number of the damage dice up to your Charisma modifier (minimum of one). You must use the new rolls. You can use Empowered Spell even if you have already used a different Metamagic option during the casting of the spell.
  • Stone’s Durability:
    • Your hit point maximum increases by 1, and it increases by 1 again whenever you gain a level in this class. As an action, you can gain a base AC of 13 + your Constitution modifier if you aren’t wearing armour, and your skin assumes a stony appearance. This effect lasts until you end it as a bonus action, you are incapacitated, or you don armour other than a shield.
  • Military Rank:
    • You have a military rank from your career as a soldier. Soldiers loyal to your former military organization still recognize your authority and influence, and they defer to you if they are of a lower rank. You can invoke your rank to exert influence over other soldiers and requisition simple equipment or horses for temporary use. You can also usually gain access to friendly military encampments and fortresses where your rank is recognized.
  • Mounted Combatant:
    • While you are mounted and aren’t incapacitated, you gain the following benefits:
      • You have advantage on melee attack rolls against any unmounted creature that is smaller than your mount.
      • You can force an attack targeted at your mount to target you instead.
      • If your mount is subjected to an effect that allows it to make a Dexterity saving throw to take only half damage, it instead takes no damage if it succeeds on the saving throw, and only half damage if it fails.



  • Explorer's Pack
  • Deck of Cards
  • Bow
  • Arrows


  • Lance
  • Sword
  • Shield
  • Components Pouch (Troll's Claw, Bloodstained Ivory Key)
  • Common Clothes

Belt Pouch
G: 10

Spell casting:
Sorcery Points: 5
DC 13

1st Level: 4
2nd Level: 3
3rd Level: 2

  • Cantrips:
    • Booming Blade V, M(A weapon)
    • Green Flameblade V, M(A weapon)
    • Create Bonfire V,S
    • Mold Earth S
    • Shape Water S
  • 1st Level:
    • Searing Smite V
    • Thunderous Smite V
    • Jump V, S, M (A grasshopper's hind leg)
  • 2nd Level:
    • Earthbind V
  • 3rd Level:
    • Blinding Smite V


Personality Traits:

  • I am always polite and respectful.
  • I'm full of inspiring and cautionary tales from my military experience relevant to almost every combat situation.


  • I do what I must and obey just authority. (Lawful)


  • Those who fight beside me are those worth dying for.


  • I obey the law even if the law causes misery.

Taxus, Riding Horse
Large Beast

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
16 [+3] 10 [+0] 12 [+1] 2 [-4] 11 [+0] 7 [-2]

Speed: 60ft
Size: Large
Wounds: 13
AC: 10

Passive Perception: 10

  • Actions:
    • Hooves
      • +5 to hit.
      • 2d4 + 3 bludgeoning
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