Ship's Hold

The Antecedent Fortune


  • 60 gold bars (1000gp each)
  • 30 platinum bars (1000pl each)


  • 5x Coral Gemstones
  • 2x 5000gp gems


  • 10x 1000gp pieces of ornate jewellery and ornamentation
  • The Bones of the Great White Whale

Magical Equipment:

  • Elven Hunting Spear: Ornate Sea Elven spear of hardened silver.
    • +2 Throwing Spear
    • Thrown on Dex. Silvered. Range to throw increased by 10ft.
    • Bonus action to return to hand if within 100ft.
  • Arrow of Dragon Slaying:
    • +6D10 damage against dragons. Exhausted after single use.


  • Rapier (1d8 piercing)
  • Shortbow + 20 arrows
  • Finely Made Crossbow (+1 Crossbow, very ornate)
  • Elven finger on a necklace
  • A pair of knucklebone dice, each with a skull symbol on the side that would normally show six pips.
  • A lump of coal
  • Unknown Potion 1
  • Unknown Potion 2
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