Tiefling, Soldier, Rogue [Thief - 7] [Fighter - 1]

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
9 [-1] 19 [+4] 10 [+0] 9 [-1] 13 [+2] 7 [-2]

Experience: 35,455 [Next 8 at 34,000]
Wounds: 48 [4x D8, 1x D10]
Saving Throws: Dexterity, Intelligence.
AC: 16/18 (Breastplate [14] + Dex [2]/shield)
Passive Perception: 17

Proficiencies: [+3]
Weapons: Simple and Martial Weapons
Armour: Light and Medium Armour, Shields.
Tools: Thieves' (x2), Mason's, Dice, Vehicles (land)
Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Intimidation, Perception (x2) , Sleight of hand (x2), Stealth (x2)
Languages: Common, Dwarven.

Feats and Abilities:

  • Fey Ancestry: Advantage on saving throws against being charmed and magic can't put me to sleep.
  • Stone Cunning: Whenever you make an intelligence (History) check related to the origin of stonework you are considered proficient in the History skill and add your proficiency bonus to the check, instead of your normal proficiency bonus.
  • Trance: Only needs 4 hours to benefit from a long rest.
  • Superior Darkvision: Darkvision has a radius of 120 ft.
  • Sunlight Sensitivity: Disadvantage on perception checks and attack rolls that rely on sight when I or the target are in direct sunlight.
  • Drow Magic: I know the dancing lights cantrip, and can also cast faerie fire and darkness 1/day as an action.
  • Military Rank: You have military rank form your career as a soldier. Soldiers loyal to your former military organization still recognize your authority and influence, and they defer to you if they are of a lower rank. You can invoke your rank to exert influence over the other soldiers and requisition simple equipment or horses for temporary use. You can also usually gain access to friendly military encampments and fortresses where your rank is recognized.
  • Rogue: [Thief]
    • Expertise: Double proficiency in thieves' tools and one other skill
    • Sneak attack: Extra 2D6 damage to one creature you hit with an attack if you have advantage on the attack roll or if another enemy of the target is within 5ft of it, that enemy isn't incapacitated, and you don't have disadvantage on the attack roll.
    • Thieves' Cant: During your rogue-training you learned thieves/ cant, a secret mix of dialect, jargon, and code that allows you to hide messages in seemingly normal conversation. Only another creature that knows thieves' cant understands such messages. It takes four times longer to convey such a message than it does to speak the same idea plainly.
    • Cunning action: Can perform the dash, dodge or disengage action as a bonus action instead.
    • Fast Hands: Can use bonus action to perform a dex slight of hand check.
    • Second story work: Climb speed same as movement speed, running jump increased by 3 ft
    • Uncanny Dodge: When an attacker that you can see hits you with an attack, you can use your reaction to halve that attack's damage against you.
    • Evasion: When subjected to an effect which allows a dexterity saving throw to take only half damage, I instead take no damage on a pass and half damage on failure.
  • Fighter:
    • Second Wind:Once per short rest regain D10+1 HP as a bonus action
    • Duelling:+2 damage to single handed weapon attacks


  • Maul of warning
    • While the MoW is on your person, you have advantage on initiative rolls. In addition, you and any of your companions within 30 ft of you can't be surprised except when incapacitated by something other than nonmagical sleep. The MoW magically awakens you and your companions within range if any of you are sleeping naturally when combat begins.
  • The Sunsword: Light Sabre.
    • +9 to hit +8 Damage (+2 Longsword; D8, Radiant, Finesse, Versatile [D10])
  • Fancy Military Rapier (D8, Piercing, finesse)
  • 2x Dagger (D4 piercing, finesse)
  • Short bow (D6 piercing, 2 handed, 80/320)
    • Quiver (20 arrows)
  • Thieves tools
  • Breastplate (14+Dex)
  • Shield (+2 AC)
  • Burglar's pack
    • backpack
    • 1,000 ball bearings
    • 10 feet of string
    • a bell
    • 5 candles
    • a crowbar
    • a hammer
    • 10 pitons
    • a hooded lantern
    • 1 flask of oil
    • 5 days rations
    • a tinderbox
    • waterskin
    • 50 feet of hempen rope
  • Insignia of cavalry Corporal Rank
  • Torn bloody corner of banner
  • Deck of cards
  • Common Clothes
  • Torch

Platinum 0
Gold 110
Silver 9
Copper 4

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