GM Notes
  • Class & Race: Start at lvl 1. will probably level quickly
    • Anything goes of races played before, ask if you want something more exotic (may allow more later).
    • Can play artificer, rest goes as usual. Will allow demon summoning
  • Setting: Strange sicknesses are breaking out in the region around Yartar, which even divine or magical means are struggling to cure.
    • You will be part of a small convoy delivering winter supplies from a town to a newly established village to the northeast; where a supposed miracle healer resides.

Background aids: (dont need to pick but may help)
- Sick important noble travelling with convoy
- Famous Artificer/ golem-crafter rumoured to be in the area
- Miraculous Healer, investigate, learn etc.
- Church investigating the healer
- Strange occurrences & strange creatures spotted closer to the village
- Rumours of spirits travelling roughly towards the village
- Druid Circle nearby
- new village & farmland.

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