Beasts of the Feywild


It had been twenty two days since the portal was closed and all signs of the Shadow Plague had vanished in the village known as Notsur. The sick were still weak but with the attention of clerics and good hearty meals all soon regained their strength. In Yartar and Mirabar the quarantines would continue for a while, precautions made to make sure the plague was gone for good. Great pyres were erected outside of Yartar to burn the bodies and the alchemists of Mirabar would conduct autopsies for years to discover the source of the illness. But within Notsur the heroes who stopped the plague would soon find themselves pulled into another web of mystery.

Chapter I: Notsur

Part I: Forging and Foraging

Returning to Notsur after their expedition into the Shadowfell the group are quick to return the artefacts to the Church of Light. One of the Paladins from town rides with all haste back to Yartar to return the dagger and amulet to the vaults beneath the Radiant Keep. Their duties completed the group settle into the village for some well earned rest.


Taking up rooms at the Broken Arrow Beston Hlumenthal rejoins Agdan in the kitchens, perfecting his bacon recipe and practicing his growing magical abilities at night alone in his chambers. He often calls out to the man he freed in the Shadowfell but receives no reply. Murray spends most of his days in the Arrow as well. He drinks to excess most days and brawls the caravan guards at night until after two straight weeks Agdan informs him that there was simply no ale left for him to drink. Tilly, far too young to drink herself, gladly sits and colours in her book of unicorns, supposedly a gift from the Unicorn Queen. Galen assists the healers in restoring the health of those once afflicted by the plague, using his prestigious knowledge to great effect. He also purchases land near town using trinkets found on his travels. Snorri and Blair Ferguson set about formalising Blair's growing religious belief in the dwarven pantheon. While not unheard of, it is rare for even powerful humans to gain the attention of the dwarven gods. Blair builds a forge by hand using stones from the river and after fifteen days of hard labour finds his faith rewarded with a suit of dwarven plate armour bearing the symbol of Moradin, The Forgefather.

In the following days rumours begin to reach Notsur of outer farms being troubled by strange beasts. Some claim goblins have come from the mountains while the Druid reports increased Fey energy in the area. During one day scouting the outer farms Beston and Blair find a massive boar rampaging through the forest. The boar gives off thunderous energy from its tusks but is eventually slain and dragged back to town. Boar meat fills the bowls of the Broken Arrow for days while Beston and Blair talk to the local fisherman about butchering the rest of the beast. A retired master-craftsman the fisherman carves for Beston a magical wand and for Blair a hilt of crackling boar tusk.

As reports come in of more goblin raids at a farm to the north the group gathers to travel once again. Mounting up they ride through the forests around Notsur until they reach the farm of a man named Terryn. He had reported some weeks earlier that goblins were stealing his chickens and the group camp out to wait for the goblins to strike. Despite hating goblins Snorri and Murray elect to sleep in the farmer's basement and leave the tiny creatures to their perfectly capable comrades. But the blue skinned goblins prove to be more than a match the group. Blades charged with lightning cut Galen down as he dashes forward and only a fumbled alchemists flask scares off the creatures before they do more damage. The group hurries to put out the blaze before it consumes the farm.

Part II: Two Chickens, One Jar


Staying over at Terryn's farmhouse the group prepares to track the goblin-creatures the next morning. Beston cooks up a series of egg dishes for breakfast that make Terryn's eyes widen with delight. He agrees to take care of the wounded Galen, the Doctor somewhat ironically the only one who could heal his own wounds. Murray and Blair follow the tracks of the creatures away from the farmhouse, finding older tracks beneath the fresher ones that suggest the creatures had been raiding this area for some time.

After a few hours of tracking the group find a few of the creatures. They are indeed goblinoid in appearance but with grey-brown skin in lieu of the usual green. They try to flee as they hear footsteps approaching but a conjured web from Beston manages to tangle them until Murray gets his thick hands on them. The creatures refuse to talk or have no language altogether. A ritual from Snorri reveals that the creatures are from the Feywild and aligned towards malefic energy. They are, he claims, "evil". He takes blood to do alchemical studies and Blair's sword takes the creatures heads.

Following the creatures tracks the group are led to a small and well hidden cave-mouth among the trees. Outside the cave sits an ancient goblin-creature leaning heavily on a large magical staff. He beckons the group over and points to wooden cups filled with a blue liquid. Blair, Murray and Tilly walk over while Beston and Snorri remain behind. The creature is seemingly peaceful and the three pull the cup to their lips even as Beston gets a whiff of the liquid's smell. His shouted warnings are too late as the three fall prone with eyes wide. Goblin-creatures flow from the cave with weapons raised as the trap is sprung. A shot from Snorri takes off the shaman's head as Beston draws his magical wand and summons up a swirling whirlwind of magical energy. Creatures are flung into trees or rocks as the wind grows more and more powerful until eventually the creatures are slain. The three drugged men wake up a few minutes later and the group stops outside the cave to enjoy some of Beston's pre-made soup. Inside the cave the group find dirty cauldrons used to devise the poison and weapons of steel marked with a strange green material. It is the same material found with the Ice Devils in the Shadowfell. But how it came to be in the possession of the Fey creatures they did not know.

Back at Terryn's farm the group are paid their promised price: Two chickens and a jar of pickles. Snorri builds a cage for the chickens and the group stay overnight at the farm again. Blair and Murray hunt in the forest during the night, returning with a pair of doe for Terryn, and the next morning the group returns to the village of Notsur. On the road they are set upon by strange creatures indeed. Massive purple furred cats that leap from trees and slash out with claws wreathed in magic. Tilly blows them into chunks with radiant energy and the group puzzle over their bodies. It seems the beasts of the Fey were well and truly loose in the forests around Notsur.

Chapter II: Feywild

Part III: War of the Worlds

Leaving the bodies of the strange beasts behind the group continues onwards before stopping at a farm for the night. The farmer, Pim, welcomes them warmly and agrees to travel back to Notsur with them the following morning. Murray tries to help Pim tame his horse, to middling success. The following morning the group leave the farm with Pim on the road back to Notsur. As they approach town they hear strange echoed children's laughter. The source is a group of green skinned children with webbed feet and hands. The children act strangely, playing with an octopus in the river. Murray screams that the water has blinded him and it takes some time to calm him down. Snorri is convinced the creatures are fell in some way but is eventually convinced to leave them alone.

Back in the village the group speak to Agdan at the Broken Arrow. The town fisherman gambles with Blair and Snorri, easily winning a small of pile of silver off them. As the group rest in the inn that afternoon a train of wagons arrive at the outskirts of town. Thiguk Oakenwater is their leader, a dwarf with a mane of red-orange hair. The wagons bring brewing supplies and the dwarven wagoneers soon get to work setting up the vast brass bots and pipes. Murray discovers the group have a stash of alcohol in their wagons and within an hour is paralytic beneath a table in the Arrow. Meanwhile Snorri and Beston go to see the druid Telosk to ask him about the Fey creatures. He reveals that Fey creatures can travel between worlds at will but usually choose not to. Beston suggests that maybe something is driving them out of the Feywild and into the material realm. Beston also convinces the priest to return the Healer's cursed dagger, suspecting he might need it in battles to come.

The next morning the group, including a very hung over Murray, have a conversation about the Fey creatures. While not all dangerous it seemed too curious a coincidence to ignore given recent developments. So the group agrees to travel to the Fey and investigate what is driving the creatures out of their home. They start off midday that day north towards the Artificer's hideout. They pass the farms and travel through now familiar forest trails. As they near the Artificer's hut they find two very strange figures. The first has the body of a man but the legs of a goat. His horns identify him as a Faun and he wears dyed brown leather with a red flower sigil emblazoned upon it. He appears to have been killed by blades and arrows which have since been removed. Not long after the group finds a figure still alive. Nearly twice the size of a man the figure wears full steel plate armour and holds a massive black sword in a single hand. Galen tries to heal the figure but he grows enraged, lashing out with sword and eventually needing to be put down by a stroke of Blair's rapier. The figure has strange grey skin and a white and blue snowflake sigil sits in the centre of his armour. More confused than ever the group continue upwards into the Artificer's hut.

Once there they make contact with the flame Djinn they had met in the Shadowfell. As always he offers them a trade. He wanted an amulet Snorri took from the Artificer Fletcher and in return would be willing to trade. Snorri handles the negotiations poorly but the Djinn still gives the group information about the strange green-flecked weapons and the purpose of the Ice Devils in the Shadowfell. The Ice Devils are using the weapons to go to war with the Summer and Winter Courts. They are moving troops and supplies through the Shadowfell for the war. The Summer and Winter Courts are the rulers of the Feywild, ancient elves who have lived in this realm since before records began. During the colder months the Winter Court presides while during the warmer months the Summer Court holds sway. The group realises that the Faun wore the sigil of the Summer Court, the red flower, while the giant wore the sigil of the Winter Court, the snowflake. These soldiers and the other Fey creatures must have been driven away by the war with the Ice Devils.


Returning to the Artificer's portal Snorri keys the appropriate symbols and a shimmering gate of blue and white appears in the stone archway. Stepping through the group find themselves once again in the Feywild. A henge of rocks surrounds the portal and large snow topped trees surround them. The forest is dense around them but unnaturally quiet. There is no wind whatsoever and snowflakes drift down slowly from the sky above. Moving away from the portal the group approach a campfire nearby. At the camp sits a plate armoured figure with the sigil of the Winter Court and a leather armoured Faun with the sigil of the Summer Court. The two are clearly uncomfortable in each other's presence but eye the group even more warily as they approach. The group talks to them, confirming the news about the war with the Ice Devils. Each member of the group swears to not aid the Ice Devils in any way and the two guards bring the group to speak to their leader. The elf is pale so as to be almost translucent, ancient and formidable. They take the group's pledges to not interfere with the war effort. It explains that the war front is nearby but that the group will not be allowed there. He would take them to the Winter Court.

Part IV: Forests of the Feywild

A night of rest beneath the forest canopy is uneventful and the next morning the group start marching towards the next fortress on their journey to the Winter Court. Moving through a sparsely wooded pine forest it is a cold day with no wind. Light snow falls over a well-worn trail. Best and Murray hunt and kill some wild Fey beasts and soon the strange flightless birds are being cooked over a crackling fire. The relative peace of the day is broken only when a massive gust of wind announces a massive creature flying overhead. Seemingly made from solid ice the winged beast resembles a giant bird of prey and swoops over the group without giving them a second of attention.

The ice bird would pass overhead a number of times over the next day, seemingly ignoring the group as it sails far overhead. When brambles block the road Murray begins to hack them away and is surprised when the ground rears up in front of him. A massive grey-skinned dog winches away as its bramble mane is cut. As the beast lashes out with brambles and vines the group blast at it with magic, Blair and Murray darting in close to hack at its thick skin with their blades. As blasts of light from Tilly and Beston scorch the beast again and again Murray slashes across its throat and it falls to the ground dead. Deciding to rest for the night Beston skins the creature and serves it up for dinner, a strange dog-stew odd tasting but not entirely unpleasant. Making camp in a forest clearing the night is lit by glowing yellow orbs that give the whole area and otherworldly feel.


The next morning the group arrive at the Winter Court Fort. Set on a rocky outcrop above a roaring river the group tentatively cross a bridge to approach the building. Above the tower fly three banners. An orange sunburst on a red background sits alongside a blue banner with a mountain sigil and several four pointed stars on a royal purple. The group deduces these are Winter and Summer noble houses, intrigued by the fact the Feywild inhabitants seem to so closely resemble the practices of those in the material realm. Within the fortress there are signs of battle, dead ogres in leathers laying alongside grey skinned trolls wearing full plate armour and bearing the sigil of the Winter Court. Some investigation reveals that the forces fought each other although the group finds no evidence of why the seemingly allied forces would fall upon each other. Galen finds an elven warrior frozen solid and begins trying to thaw him out using his prestigious medical knowledge. He is dribbling warm water over the frozen elf when a large thump brings the rest of the group's attention to outside the fort.

Outside the fort stands a massive ice golem, a beast standing nearly the size of the fortress and ridden by an ice devil bearing a glowing blue staff. Murray and Blair rush forward to engage the creature but are blocked when a wall of ice bursts from the ground before them. Tilly begins blasting at the wall as Murray and Blair are buffeted by icy cold winds. Snorri rushes back inside, seemingly fleeing the battle. As the wall breaks the ice golem lunges forward, grabbing Murray and squeezing him as his backhand sends Blair flying. A sudden boom from above reveals Snorri on the top of the fortress, his flaming round taking the ice devils head cleanly off. Without his master the ice golem flails wildly and is easily blasted back by Tilly and Beston until he falls into the river far below. Snorri breaks the ice devils glowing staff and Beston gathers the parts of the ice golem that were cut off in the battle. Finding flesh beneath he endeavours to cook the beast. Meanwhile inside Galen had successfully thawed the elf but disappointingly found him to be quite dead.

Part V: The Summer House

Leaving the tower-fort behind the group continue onwards, following the instructions given to them by the faun to find the Winter Court. Half a day later the group pass a squadron of armoured ogres bearing the sigil of the Winter Court and fauns bearing the sigil of the Summer Court. The groups pass quietly on the road and not long after the group passes an ancient Fey-elf who agrees to trade with them. He has very strange customs, only giving his name or even a polite greeting once he had been given something in return. Murray and Blair try to figure out his customs but when he leaves they have more questions than answers.


The forests seems idyllic, the soft snowfall shimmering in the light between the trees. But the group are soon reminded that the Feywild is a warzone. A pack of a dozen dogs seemingly carved from solid ice set upon them from the forest. They breath ice at the group as long tails whip out with razor sharp spines. Blair takes blow after blow on his armour as Beston moves into position. Encanting in an ancient and unholy tongue he sends out a bolt of red lightning that shatters the beasts. Snorri carves a rune of healing onto a nearby rock and uses it to heal the group much to the disappointment of Galen.

Resting in the forest the snow starts to fall more heavily. The group almost forgets they are in the Fey as they huddle around the fire, an event they have repeated so often in the months before. During the night Beston's magical senses detect a massive surge of energy towards the battle front. He informs the others but none can detect the disturbance. Moving along the worn road the group pass a series of carved stone bunkers filled with Winter Court soldiers. They pass the group on politely, obviously forewarned that the group would be approaching. The forest begins to thin over the next day as the group travels towards the mountains, riding up the foothills through light snow towards a large grey-stone castle in front of them. The snowflake sigil flies above the walls of the castle and within the group find an ornate estate in an ancient and unknown style. A well maintained garden sits without a centimetre of snow and the Winter Court guards lead the group deeper though the gardens and past another layer of defensive walls. At the centre of the estate sits a squat compound protected by a winding moat of flowing water. Here the ogre guards are replaced by Fey-elves who wear plate armour lacquered white. They welcome the group to "The Summer House".

After a short wait in an ornate meeting room with cups of mulled wine in hand the group meet with an impressive looking Fey-elf. His white armour is filled with gold and silver filigree and his fine white cloak is topped with the fur of some strange white and black striped beast. He stands taller than even Murray and has an air of arrogance and power that make those before him a little uneasy. He introduces himself as Knight-Adjutant Remoranth and soon drops the formal air and starts a conversation with the group. He confirms that the Queen of Winter is in the compound but that she would not be meeting with the group. He is surprised to hear about the fallen fort and discusses the potential causes of the disunity. He is glad that the group came to the Feywild to help although accepts that they are only there to stop the overflow of the war into their own world. The pleasantries dealt with the Knight-Adjutant brings in a map and asks the group for assistance. The Winter Court is protected by a series of magical pylons that stop certain creatures from crossing. The magical disturbance that Beston felt was the destruction of one of these pylons, an event that should not have been possible. Remoranth asks the group to investigate the breach to make sure that the ice devils don't exploit the weakness. Happy to once again have a clear objective the group agree to help.

Part VI: Pit of Madness

Starting out towards the defence pylons even as the sun reached its peak Beston stops for a while in an attempt to tame some strange webbed Feywild horses. The day passes uneventfully, the ponies and horses of the party finally calm after days in the strange place. That night Tilly claims to have spoken to her patron, the Unicorn Queen, and urges the group to go east to find her. As the group are already moving east no-one voices any disagreement. Over the next two days the group makes their way through the heavy forests, soft snow crunching under their feet. At night the forest fills with glowing yellow orbs and even in its coldest moments no wind blows. On one day the group encounters a massive boar, its tusk rippling with lightning. Slaying the beast the group find its children, easily the size of a normal boar. As Beston and Blair begin to butcher the massive boar for meat Murray captures and ties up two of the smaller boars. Making camp he walks them around like pets, a smile on his face all the while.

Well fed on boar meat the group continues onwards towards the broken pylon, stopping to rest at a well worn Crossroads. Soldiers of the Winter Court pass during the night, travelling towards the front, but do not bother the group or comment on their roaring fire. The next morning the group follows a dirt track east into a dense pine forest. After a few hours of walking the trail opens up into a moss covered ruins. The group spreads out to search the ruins before converging when Snorri senses a magical disturbance at the centre of the ruins.

A pit in the ground reveals an entrance to tunnels beneath the ruin. In the centre of the pit sits a strange purple flower easily the size of a horse. Beston begins to pour water on the flower and in seconds chaos breaks out. Heavy vines lash out from the ground at Beston and Galen, smashing them back as a swarm of purple winged wasps swarm towards Tilly. The wasps sting at her and she recoils, summoning a shimmering field of light around herself that burns away the wasps as they attack her. From the mud below leap ice devils and fauns, eyes glowing purple and moving strangely. As Murray and Blair do battle with the ice devils the vines grab Galen and Beston. Beston is pulled closer to the flower and it opens up, revealing a massive gaping maw filled with yellowing fangs. Beston's eyes widen as he is pulled closer, wriggling free of the vine and falling to the ground below. As the vines reach for him again he pulls out a vial of blood, pouring it in a circle around himself and chanting in a language that hurts the ears to hear. Outside of the circle bursts eight hideous clawed beasts. Slathering mouths are filled with dripping teeth and claws drip with poison. The beasts lash out at all around them, slaying ice devils and cutting deeply into Galen. Absolute anarchy breaks out in the pit as Murray, Blair and Galen engage in brutal combat with the daemons and other beasts alike. In the chaos Murray hacks the purple flower and the ice devils and fauns fall to the ground dead. But the battle continues for several more seconds before the last of Beston's daemons are slain.

When the dust settles Galen lies still in the dust. Unconscious but not dead he is roused by a Rune of Healing from Snorri. In the corridors beneath the pit the group find iron doors leading further into the ruins.

Part VII: Blood for Blood

The group moves through the iron doors and into carved stone corridors below. Snorri doesn't recognise the stonework, surmising that whomever carved these corridors had not learned at any school in the known world. Blair leads, his dwarf forged shield held high and blocking darts and blasts of magic that protect the ruin from outsiders. Strange slimed beasts with tentacles attack the group but are easily defeated in the narrow corridors of the strange ruin. Murray finds a room filled with siege equipment, too large to leave that room but carefully constructed nevertheless. He enjoys firing the bodies of fallen foes at a wall in a catapult while the others watch on somewhat bemused.

Moving through the corridors the group happens upon the nest of massive spiders, stingers dripping with a clear white poison. Beston is jabbed and screams as one of his hands and half his face necrotises and sags. The beasts are slain and the group return to the surface to find Galen cold. He had died from his wounds as they had explored below. It is at this point that Beston, face sagging from the poison and blood in his eyes, suggests eating Beston. Blair and Snorri are shocked as Murray agrees and the pair begin to hack up Galen's newly deceased flesh. Murray takes the tongue and cheeks and eats them raw while Beston adds water and begins to create a stew, even adding Galen's bones to the meal. Tilly watches on somewhat confused while Snorri storms out of the room, insulted by what the pair were doing to their fallen ally.

Some time later the group moves back down into the ruins and finds a corridor that seems to head further away from the Winter Court and towards the battle front. The group begins moving down it, surprised to find it going deeper and farther than they expected. After several hours of walking they reach a section where the corridor narrows into a chokepoint, and it is here that the Ice Devils attack. Large devils skitter towards the group on six legs, tails made of ice flinging shards towards the group. Blair moves forward to hold the corridor, taking blow after blow on his shield as Tilly blasts from behind him with bolts of radiant energy. Beston moves backwards and begins to send curling orange flames over his head as well, melting the devils and sending them back. And Snorri aims his gun and puts a shot cleanly through Beston's back.

Doubt and rage had been growing in Snorri since he had seen his allies eat the dead hours earlier. He would not be party to cannibalism and had taken this chance to strike. As he staggers from the shot Beston smears his own blood on the ground, drawing a circle and inscribing runes on the cold stone below. Soon his summoned daemons fill the corridor, rushing towards Snorri. He fires and reloads, fires and reloads, each shot cutting down one of the creatures. Finally in a blast of energy the beasts are all slain, Snorri having overloaded his gun in order to kill the beasts. Moving forwards he draws a glass ball and throws it, fire blossoming around Beston as it strikes. Murray is also caught in the blast and turns, still smouldering, to see where the damage came from. Beston responds, a bolt of orange lightning ripping through the wall and into Snorri. His amulet is overloaded and his is blasted backwards. With red rage in his eyes Murray rushes forwards and with a single blow of his mighty sword cuts Snorri's head from his shoulders. But Beston had not finished, his bolt of lightning continues to blast at Snorri, pushing into Murray and blistering his skin on contact. Caught up in the rage Murray rushes backwards. Beston pleads and backs away but Murray is merciless, his blade cutting Beston cleanly in two. When Tilly and Blair return from the battle with the Ice Devils they find two of their friends cut into pieces and Murray fast asleep on the floor.

Part VIII: Build Additional Pylons

Not long after Murray cuts off and eats Beston's facial flesh. The group continues down the corridor in silence, Blair dutifully carrying Snorri's body and the twisted remains of his rifle back towards the surface. Continuing down the corridor the group find a room sealed with stone vines. Murray cuts through the vines with his sword, the stone burning away as if real upon contact. Within a strange figure sits in the corner protected by two undead. The figure has dark grey robes and sunken skin and stands behind the two zombies with a look of bemusement on his face. Arkos had been trapped down here some days ago after breaking into the ruins. He speaks candidly about his necromantic powers and his undead allies. Murray hacks the way out free of vines and the group soon move up stairs and back out into the forests of the Feywild.


Blair buries Snorri and builds a cairn for him while Murray sleeps off his days of battle. In the night the campfire is approached by two figures riding on the back of a riding horse. The man who rides wears military garb and carries a lance and sword but wears no armour. A buxom woman sits behind him on the horse, her blue cloak flowing and her hair seemingly wet. Illias and Cheryl had both come to the Feywild from other planes. Illias had began manifesting strange stone sorcery and had investigated in the Elemental Plane of Earth while Cheryl had been stuck in the Plane of Water after the sinking of her ship off the Far Coast. The pair had wandered the Feywild for several days and are glad for the mortal company.

With nearly half their number strangers the group travel onwards to the location where the Feywild Elves had reported a breach in their magical defences. Arriving near the river the group find the obelisk near shattered by some magical force. But for the life of them none of the survivors can remember what they were meant to do here. Snorri had the means and abilities to fix the pylon and with his death they can only report on the damage that had been done. And so the group decides to travel back to the Summer House and report back to the Knight Adjutant what had happened. The task of crossing the river is made easier when Cheryl reveals herself as a magic user of some power. Summoning a swirling ball of blue and white energy she creates a bridge of solid water for the group to walk across. A few hours later they find the ruins that first took them below. Their horses and Murray's pet boars had been slaughtered by some sort of monster in the night but the group makes camp in the ruins and the light and warmth of the fire takes away some of the Feywild's winter bite.

Chapter III: The Realm of Winter

Part IX: Date with a Dragon

A few days alter and the group returns to the Summer House. It seems less heavily guarded, the Feywild Elves having deployed elsewhere in order to assist the war effort. The group are welcomed into the inner sanctum again and meet with Knight-Adjutant Remoranth resplendent in his white lacquered armour. He shows no emotion at the news of Beston and Snorri's death and only slightly more at the news of the destruction of the defensive pylon. As it turns out the pylons had become irrelevant in the days since, the war had turned elsewhere. The Knight Adjutant would not share any more information than this but does ask another favour of the group.

It seems that against all odds the mission he requires of them is one of diplomacy. Far into the mountains in the frozen glaciers dwells a dragon of great power and little love for the Winter Court. The Knight Adjutant requires the group to travel into the icey wastes to commune with the dragon on his behalf. He promises they will be rewarded for the task but is unable to tell them exactly how. Despite some reservations the group agrees and are soon loading supplies for the journey into the mountains. Illias loads his horses saddle bags with supplies for the journey and each of the group are given large fur cloaks that seems to brim with magical warmth.




Part X: …

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