Variant-Human, Folk Hero, Fighter [8]

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
20 [+5] 12 [+1] 14 [+2] 14 [+2] 10 [+0] 8 [-1]

HP: 68 (D10+Con [2])
Speed: 30ft
Saving Throws: Strength, Constitution
AC: 25/26 Defense+Plate+Shield+Brace of protection/Plus Parry
Exp: 11375


Feats and Features

  • Second Wind: Use bonus action in combat to restore D10 plus fighter level in HP.
  • Defense: Whilst wearing armour gain +1 AC.
  • Blade Mastery: Rapiers
    • +1 to attack rolls with with rapiers
    • Use reaction once per turn to take a parrying stance if holding a rapier. Grants +1 to AC until the start of your next turn, or if you're not holding a rapier. (He protec)
    • When you take an opportunity attack with a rapier, you gain advantage for it.
  • Action Surge: On your turn take an extra action on top of regular action and bonus action. once per short and long rest.
  • Improved Critical: You now score a critical hit on a roll of 19-20.
  • Extra Attack: You can now make two attacks as part of the attack action.
  • Alert: +5 to initiative rolls, can't be surprised, and creatures do not gain advantage on attack rolls as a result of being hidden from you.
  • Duelling:When you are wielding a melee weapon in one hand and no other weapons you gain +2 bonus to damage rolls with that weapon.

Weapons: Simple Weapons, Martial
Armour: All Armour, shields
Tools: Cobbler's Tools, vehicles (Land)
Languages: Common plus another.
Skills: Athletics, History, Animal handling, survival, perception


  • Tear drop shield
    • +2 finely made shield (+4 AC)
  • Chainmail
  • Shield
  • Rapier
    • Soldier's rapier with lightning boar hilt.
    • D8 magical piercing damage (he attac) + D4 lightning damage. (But most importantly, he zap)
    • +9 to hit, +7 damage
  • Finely made dwarven plate armor with giant golden cat inlays.
    • AC 18, disadvantage to stealth
  • Cobbler's tools
  • Iron pot
  • Set of common clothes
  • Ice Javelin
  • Rapier made from speckled green metal
    • D8 piercing
  • Brace of protection, +2 AC when worn.

Platinum 0
Gold 0
Silver 0
Copper 0

  • Background - Folk Hero
  • Village was attacked by strange cat creatures that I helped organise the village to defeat.
  • Personality: When I set my mind to something, I follow through no matter what gets in the way.
  • Ideal: People deserve to be treated with dignity and respect (good)
  • Ideal: There's no good in pretending to be something I'm not (neutral)
  • Bond: I have a family but I have no idea where they are, I hope to one day find them again.
  • Flaw: I'm convinced of the significance of my destiny, and blind to my shortcomings and the risk of failure.
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