Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
6 [-2] 14 [+0] 13 [+1] 14 [+2] 11 [+0] 10 [+0]

5, 13, 12, 13, 10, 9
+1 all Stats

Human, Wizard, Sage researcher

  • Size: Medium [5’9”, 152 lb]
  • Speed: 30
  • HP: 12 (4 + Con Modifier) [+D6 per Wizard Level].
  • Level Proficiency: +2 [Level 2].
  • Saving Throws: Intelligence, Wisdom.
  • Passive Perception: 10
  • AC: 12 or 15 w/ mage armor

Traits and Features:

Trait: I am horribly, horribly awkward in social situations
Ideal: Knowledge is the path to power and domination.
Bond: I have an ancient text that holds terrible secrets that must not fall into the wrong hands.
Flaw: I overlook obvious solutions in favor of complicated ones.


  • Weapon Proficiency: Daggers, Darts, Slings, Quarterstaffs, Light crossbows
  • Armour Proficiency: None
  • Tool Proficiencies: None


  • Languages: Common, Tsurrani, Elven.
  • Proficient: Arcana (Int), Investigate (Int), History (Int), Medicine (Int)

Class Features:

  • Ritual Casting: Able to cast any spell with the ritual tag if it's in my spellbook. The spell does not need to be prepared.
  • Arcane Recovery: Recover wizard level divided by 2 rounding up of spell slots after a short rest.
  • Arcane Tradition (activates at level 2): School of Abjuration
    • Spells of the abjuration class take half as long to copy into spellbook and take half as much gold
    • Arcane Ward: When casting an abjuration spell of 1st level or higher, creates THP equal to 2*wizard level+int modifier. They ward also recovers THP when casting an abjuration spell equal to spell level*2

Equipment: 12/90lb

  • Dagger: Left to her from her father to protect her virtue, long and serrated
    • D4 Piercing
  • Arcane Focus: Wand made of sturdy oak measuring 11"
  • Wand of Magic Missile: 4 charges, regains D4 at dawn
  • Spell Book: A black, leather bound book written in the lyrical language of the Tsuranni.
    • Contains Known spells
  • Scholar's Pack: A brown, leather satchel.
    • Blood and Honour: Book of Lore related to the hierarchies of the Tsuranni war gangs.
    • Bottle of ink
    • Ink pen
    • 10 sheets of parchment
    • A little bag of sand
    • Small knife
    • Vial of dragons blood [Trinket]
  • Velora's Spellbook: Scraps of parchment covered in a scrawl of black words and symbols loosely held together by an indistinguishable leather binding.
    • C Fire Bolt, Chill Touch, Minor Illusion
    • 1 Find Familiar, False Life, Witch Bolt, Ray of Sickness, Detect Magic, Identify
  • Orleith's Spellbook: Black bound book written in Abyssal
    • C Chill Touch, Minor Illusion, Prestigitation, Shocking Grasp
    • 1 False Life, Mage Armour, Magic Missile, Ray of Sickness
    • 2 Crown of Madness, Misty Step
    • 3 Animate Dead, Vampiric Touch

Platinum: 0
Gold: 4
Electrum: 0
Silver: 0
Copper: 0

Wizards start with 3 cantrips increasing to 4 at level 4 and 5 at level 10.
Wizards start with 6 level 1 spells in their spell book and can have int bonus+wizard level in spells prepared. Spells can be swapped out after a long rest and take 1 minute/spell level to prepare

Spell Slots

  • Level 1: 3


  • Fire Bolt
  • Shocking Grasp
  • Mage Hand
  • Book:
  • 1st Level Spells:
    • Mage Armour
    • Shield
    • Sleep
    • Comprehend Languages (Ritual)
    • Alarm (Ritual)
    • Magic Missile
    • Identify
    • Detect Magic

Need copying

  • Cantrips:
  • Fire Bolt
  • Chill Touch
  • Minor Illusion

1st Level Spells:

  • Find Familiar
  • False Life
  • Witch Bolt
  • Ray of Sickness
  • Detect Magic
  • Chromatic Orb

Readied unless otherwise stated (3):
Level 1:

  • Mage Armour
  • Shield
  • Magic Missile
  • Sleep

Azula was one of two children in the family of Dumont. Her brother and father left to join the war against the invaders from another world, although the war was successful at repelling the aliens, neither her brother or her father returned. A few years after the war was declared over, and the tally was taken, Azula and her mother received the official notice that their family had been killed in action. What was left of their effects was returned and a small pension was paid out. The stress of losing so much was too much for Azula's mother, who refused to talk and took up taking long walks until one day she left and never came back. With nowhere to turn, Azula went to the church of the light to seek refuge where she stayed until she was discovered poring over a blasphemous book that had been in her father's returned possessions. The priests would have destroyed it for being heretical, but Azula refused to give it up as it was one of the last links to her father. She left the church and found a job back in her home-town of Red Larch. She found work caring for the locals of Red Larch where she managed to make enough living to keep her warm at night and for the most part well fed. During the day she would be occupied healing the wounds of the townsfolk in the All Faith's Chapel, but by night she would pore over the book hoping to slowly unlock its arcane secrets.

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