Assets and Holdings

Party Assets


  • Nalaskur: Innkeeper of the Bargewright Inn. Handler and high up in the Black Network.
  • Renwick Caradoon: A liche who lives in Sacred Stone Monastery. He was one of the three heroes of the Silver Horn and helped save the region from Orcs centuries ago before becoming a Liche.


Remnants of the Air Cult:

  • 3 Feathergale Knights
  • Skyweaver Mage
  • Windharrow, Minstrel

Party Loot

  • 1100 silver, 130 platinum
  • Silk Robe [80gp]
  • Suit of Elven Chain
  • Gem Pouch:
    • 6x 60gp gems
    • 15x 50gp gems
  • Potion Case:
    • Potion of Haste
    • Scroll of Immolation
    • Elixar of Health
    • Potion of Invisibility
    • 2x Potion of Flying
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