Assets and Holdings

Party Loot

The Admiral's Wagon

Admiral II: Draft Horse

Armoured Wagon:

  • Dwarven Strongbox:
    • Gold Statuette of Sun Elf (Truth Staff)
    • Stone Rod carved with Horses (Immovable Rod)
    • Wooden Box with Coin [When combined with other coins turns into a beetle that eats other wealth].
    • Bag of loose Leaf Tea- Seal [Magical tea- prank tea. Delicious to non-nobles].
    • Small Marble [Seeks out and latches onto small items in water].ires.
  • Dagger +1 (D4+1 Pierce)
  • 6x Silver Spears
  • 6x Silver Shields

Carried by the Party

Elven Armoured Chest:

  • Dust of Disappearance (when thrown into the air you and everything within 10ft becomes invisible for 2D4 minutes).
  • 3x Potion of Greater Healing (4D4+4)
  • Potion of Animal Friendship (Advantage on Handle Animal for 1 minute or creature disposition goes up one step).
  • Rope of Climbing
  • Potion of Heroism (+10 Temp HP and Bless [D4])
  • Potion of Supreme Healing (10D4+20)
  • Potion of Speed (Haste)
  • Potion of Fire Giant Strength (Str 23 for 1 minute)
  • 2x Oil of Sharpness [2 uses and 4 uses]
    • +3 to hit and damage for 1 minute after applied to a weapon.
  • Rod of Resurrection [Unknown Number of Charges]
  • 850 gp of stolen gold and silver ornaments.
  • 150 gp of gems
  • Ring of Intelligence [Int 15 when attuned]
  • Crystal of the Behir
  • 3x Lantern Oil Casks

Karse Disguises:

  • 2x Conscript Attire (Armour, uniform, spear, shield)
  • 1x Soldier Attire (Armour, uniform, spear, shield)
  • Damaged Solider Attire (Armour, uniform, spear, shield)


Wyrmsbane Holdings

Three empty properties near Crydee belonging to Stevie J, Clarence and Punchcat. Gifted by the Duke con Doin after rescuing his daughter from the hands of Drow.

Stevie J:

  • Largely plains region, good for farming. Ignored by Stevie since the gifting of it.


  • Wooden and plains region. Large stone wall and moat surround a flattened area.

"The Woods": Punchcat's Land

  • Forested region of caves situated around a river. Within one cave a strange purple portal shimmers.

Fellwinter Keep


Castle of William Dale, located on the Isle of Mist. Once the castle of Aloran Blackheart, it was claimed by Dale after the looting of Blackheart's tomb. The previous occupants were slain by the Wyrmsbane Company.

  • Magically sealable vault. Blackheart's Spear opens vault.
  • Half destroyed ballista in tower 2.
  • Larder stocked for 90 days of rations.
  • Master bedroom the only room with furnishings.
  • The Island:
    • The Troll Hills: Infested with swamp trolls and giant crocodiles, the centre of the island is unsafe for average travellers.
    • Lighthouse: A perpetual flame enchantment keeps this lighthouse functional even as the stone crumbles around it.
    • Prison of Nehezel: Massive stone cube guarded with various enchantments. It is suspected that this is the tomb of the necromancer Nehezel.
    • Telmarine: Ruined township and dock that serviced Fellwinter keep in ages past. Few buildings stand, although the ancient stone pier has survived.
    • Oomani Tribe: Tribe of barbarians from the mainland numbering around twenty. Led by a pair of druids, they came to the island after brokering a deal with William Dale. They roam the island on their finely bred horses, and have constructed a wooden settlement in the centre of the island. Worship the centaur spirit Ooman.

The Black Ark

  • Ancient warship.
  • In some disrepair (around 1000 gp to bring to operational levels).
  • Captains cabin, three officers quarters, bunks for men. Armoury, battery, kitchen.
  • Frigate sized. 50 to crew, 100 crew preferred.
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