Arkos the Grey

Half Elf, Sage, Wizard [Necromancer- 7]

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
11 [+0] 16 [+3] 14 [+2] 18 [+4] 14 [+2] 16 [+3]

HP: 45 (7xD6+Con [2])
Speed: 30ft
Saving Throws: Intelligence, Wisdom
AC: 13 (10 + Dex [+3]) 16 with Mage Armour


  • Dark Vision: 60ft as Bright, 120ft as Dim.
  • Fey Ancestry: Advantage on Saving Throws against being charmed. Unable to be magically put to sleep.
  • Blessing of the Winter Court: Immunity to cold damage.

Feats and Features

  • Researcher: When you attempt to learn or recall a piece of lore, if you do not know that information, you often know where and from whom you can obtain it. Usually, this information comes from a library, scriptorium, university, or a sage or other learned person or creature. Your DM might rule that the knowledge you seek is secreted away in an almost inaccessible place, or that it simply cannot be found. Unearthing the deepest secrets o f the multiverse can require an adventure or even a whole campaign.
  • Wizard [Necromancer]
    • Arcane Recovery: On Short Rest regain spellslots equal to 1/2 level [3].
    • Spellbook Arcana: A wizard may copy spells into his spellbook. The number of spells a wizard can memorise is Wizard Level [5] + Intelligence bonus [4]. He may switch out memorised spell during a Long Rest. On each level up two spells are automatically added to the wizard's spellbook without cost.
    • School of Necromancy
      • Necromancy Savant: Halve time and money to copy necromantic spells.
      • Grim Harvest: Once per turn when you kill a creature with a spell of 1st level or higher you regain HP equal to twice the spell level, three times if the spell is necromancy.
      • Undead Thralls: At 6th level, you add the animate dead spell to your spellbook if it is not there already. When you cast animate dead, you can target one additional corpse or pile of bones, creating another zombie or skeleton, as appropriate.
        • Whenever you create an undead using a necromancy spell, it has additional benefits:
          • The creature’s hit point maximum is increased by an amount equal to your wizard level.
          • The creature adds your proficiency bonus to its weapon damage rolls.

Proficiencies [+3]
Weapons: Daggers, Darts, Slings, Quarterstaff, Light Crossbows
Languages: Common, Elven, Sylvan, Abyssal, Primordial, Celestial
Skills: Arcana, History, Investigation, Religion, Nature, Medicine


  • Bane of Kohol: A dagger carved from a single piece of bone, this dagger was stolen by Arkos from his father's library and taken with him when he travelled to the human realms. It is said to have a connection with the realm of death, having been used to kill the Sun-Priest Kohol in an age past.
    • Necromantic Casting Focus.
  • Stake of Life: This somewhat oddly named stake was once owned by the Witch Hunter Solis and is used to stop the dead from returning to life.
    • When stuck in a corpse the spell Gentle Repose is cast.
  • Arkos' Spellbook: A book as black as pitch with a magical and ornate bronze lock keeping it closed to all but its owner.
    • Spellbook w/ Arcane Lock cast.
  • Dark grey robes with black leathers worn underneath.
  • Scroll Case
  • Backpack
    • Mess kit, tinderbox, 10x torches, 10x rations, waterskin, 50ft of hempen rope.
  • Satchel
    • A bottle of black ink, a quill, a small knife, a letter from a dead colleague posing the question "does an immortal soul have more innate value than a mortal one?".
    • A key from a family crypt that is not my own.

Scroll [Abjuration, 5th Level]

Platinum 0
Gold 9
Silver 0
Copper 0


Spellcasting Ability Score: 15 (8 + Stat [4] + Prof [3])
Spell Slots: 1st 4 2nd 3 3rd 3 4th 1
Assume spells with * are cast that many times at the start of the day

Prepared Spells: [12]


  • Toll the Dead
    • Action. 60ft. VSM.
    • Wisdom Save or 2D8 damage. 2D12 if already wounded.
  • Spare the Dying
    • Action. Touch. VS.
    • One creature on 0HP becomes stable.
  • Message
    • Action. 120ft. VSM.
    • Send one short message that the target can whisper a reply to.
  • Prestidigitation
    • Action. 10ft. VS. Up to 1 hour.
    • Make a small harmless magical effect.

1st Level

  • Mage Armour *
    • Action. Self. VSM. 8 hours.
    • AC becomes 13+Dex.
  • Find Familiar R
    • 1 hour. Self. VSM.
    • Gain access to a familiar (Undead Raven).
  • Comprehend Languages R
    • Action. Self. VSM. 1 hour.
    • You understand the literal meaning of any spoken language you hear. You can also read any written text by touching it.
  • Detect Magic R
    • Action. Self. VS. Concentration, up to 10 minutes.
    • Detect the presence of magic within 30ft.
  • Shield
    • Reaction. Self. VS. 1 round.
    • Increase AC by +5.
  • Feather Fall
    • Reaction. 60ft. VM. One minute.
    • Choose up to five falling creatures. Land safely from a fall.

2nd Level

  • Hold Person
    • Action. 60ft. VSM. Concentration, up to 1 minute.
    • Target makes a Wisdom saving throw or is paralysed. Test again each turn.
    • One additional target per level beyond 2nd.
  • Crown of Madness
    • Action. 120ft. VS. Concentration, up to 1 minute.
    • Wisdom or be charmed. A jagged iron crown appears on their head. Must use their action before moving each turn to attack a creature you choose. Use your action to maintain control. Target may test Wisdom each turn to break the spell.

3rd Level

  • Animate Dead *
    • 1 minute. 10ft. VSM.
    • Summon an undead servant from a skeleton or corpse. Command all undead servants as a bonus action.
    • Undead serve you for 24 hours. Cast every day to maintain control.
  • Vampiric Touch
    • Action. Self. VS. Concentration, up to 1 minute.
    • Hand is wreathed in shadow energy. Make a melee spell attack. On hit does 3D6 necrotic and you regain HP equal to half the damage dealt. You may make this attack each turn until the spell ends.
  • Fly
    • Action. Touch. VSM. Concentration, up to 10 minutes.
    • Flying speed of 60ft.

4th Level

  • Blight
    • Action, 30ft, VS
    • Constitution saving throw. 8D8 Necrotic damage, 1/2 on passed save.

Unprepared Spells: In Spellbook

  • Protection from Good and Evil [1]
  • Sleep [1]
  • Arcane Lock [2]
  • Mirror Image [2]
  • Nystal's Magic Aura [2]
  • Counterspell [3]
  • Confusion [4]


Rowena Undead Raven Familiar

Strength [-3] Dexterity [+2] Constitution [-1] Intelligence [-4] Wisdom [+1] Charisma [-2]


AC: 12
HP: 6
Speed: 10ft [Walking], 50ft [Flying]
Skills: Perception +3 (Passive 13)
Attacks: Beak +4; 1 Piercing
Mimicry: The raven can mimic simple sounds it has heard, such as a person whispering, a baby crying, or an animal chittering. A creature that hears the sounds can tell they are imitations with a successful DC 10 Wisdom (Insight) check.

  • Half-Elf born in Elven society. Only left alive because father was a famed wizard.
  • Grew up an outcast, became obsessed with what made him different: mortality. Started researching young in his father's library.
  • Wasn't allowed into Elven Wizarding circles so studied at the great college at Candlekeep. Began studying forbidden tomes in a search for a way to extend his life.
  • Started travelling Western Kingdom doing research and searching for means be which to achieve immortality. Drawn to Yartar by stories of a town that had survived the plague but arrived once the plague was already sorted.
  • Travelled to Feywild in order to find the secrets of the ancient elves there.
  • Old party members, Ghallahorn and Bagry, fell in combat and were brought back.

Personality: I am driven to fulfil my goals and don't let anything get in my way.
Personality: I have survived all this time by being a pragmatist.
Ideal: Knowledge is the path to power
Bond: I’ve searched my whole life for the answer to a certain question
Flaw: Unlocking secrets is worth whatever price

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