Old Cob's Oddments

Just outside the village of Greenest is a small property belonging to Old Cob, he leases the roadhouse to a kindly woman and runs the attached trinket shop himself.

Junior Jacobs, Vengeful Ranger
Blair Robins, Sultry Seductress
Lorenzo Vasquez, Gambler
Fae, Sniper Artificer
Asger, Aged Mercenary
Isabelle, Righteous Paladin


  • A Glass Chess Piece
  • A leather pouch of 94 human teeth
  • An empty leather pouch
  • Eggshell depicting human misery
  • Tiny Silver Bell
  • Diary with 7 pages missing
  • Silver skull
  • Tiny cage with no door
  • Fabric doll with needles
  • An urn containing the ashes of a hero
  • A brass key which would fit no type of lock you've ever seen
  • A loosely-bound folio filled with maps of distant lands
  • Ornate Magical Helmet (unidentified)

Buried in a Shallow Grave
Vendry- Stabbed while impersonating a forest spider
Aemelia Jacobs- Eaten half-alive by a wandering Gnoll

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House Rules and Clarifications


82 AU Old Cob introduces his children to his career as a treasure seeker when they plunder the Tomb of an Unnamed Gnome wizard. Alongside Junior and Aemelia is Vendry, Junior's son, and the family employees Blair and Lorenzo.
84 AU Old Cob dies from a mysterious illness. Coming to grips with his death, Junior takes ownership of the store.
85 AU Taking on a job on behalf of the mayor of the town of Wine, Old Cob's children investigate missing branches from a holy tree. Finding the mayor of Greenest to be responsible takes a bloody toll on the group, with Aemelia and young Vendry both falling in the forests around Greenest.
86 AU Old Cob's children travel north with their father's old friend Asger and the Paladin Isabelle to take part in the campaign to reclaim the lands east of Neverwinter from the Goblin tribes.
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